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Multifuctional 6-in-1 tripolar RF / bipolar RF fat cavitation ultrasound slimming machine

Multifuctional 6-in-1 tripolar RF / bipolar RF fat cavitation ultrasound slimming machine

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Multifuctional 6-in-1 tripolar RF / bipolar RF fat cavitation ultrasound slimming machine
1. 40-K functioning principle
Powerful shock wave head emits frequency of 40KHZ sound waves into the human body. Which penetrates into human fat cells causes vibration impacts and movement in the fat cells and in turn can effectively burn calories, reduce water retention in fatty tissues and causes the fat cells to shrink. In addition, the strong acoustic vibration that causes cells to produce a strong vibration impact, cause fatty cells to bust instantaneous, thus reducing fatty cell numbers cells, allowing the removal of the fatty cells.
2. Radio Frequency Technology - RF:
It is referred to as a high frequency AC change of electromagnetic waves. Change of more than 10, 000 times a second called high-frequency current, while the RF is such a high frequency current.When RF waves penetrate the skin, it causes collagen fiber to heat up to 45 -65 , the collagen fibers immediately contract, so that the loose skin wrinkles are stretched by the stimulation of dermal collagen hyperplasia gradually promote cellular rejuvenation, so as to achieve the purpose of firming and reduce wrinkles.
3. IPL rejuvenation
The use of wide-spectrum light principle, utilize light particles of different wavelengths of light energy, the release of specific multi-band laser illumination skin cells, can rapidly enhance the repair and regeneration of skin cells, promote collagen and elastic fibersto reorganize, the complete elimination of the pigment granules to improve the redness, reduce the fine capillaries.Allows you to have young and youth skin.
4. Ultrasonic
Refers to sound waves that is not audible to the human ear.Normal hearing can hear the sound waves of 16-20 kHz ( KHZ) , lower than the 16 kHz sound waves known as infrasound or sub-sonic, more than 20 kHz sound waves called ultrasound.The vibrational wave mechanical effects, thermal effects and bio-chemistry effects.
( a) Mechanical Effect: the power of ultrasonic energy, the role of the face can make skin cells along with the vibration, resulting in micro massage effect, changes in cell volume, thereby improving the local blood and lymph circulation, and enhance the permeability of the cell.tissue metabolism and regeneration, soften the tissue, stimulate the nervous system and cell function, and make the skin radiance and elastic.
( b) Thermal Effects: thermal effects of ultrasound can improve the skin surface temperature, accelerate the blood circulation, increase uptakes of nutrients of the skin cells, reduce nerve excitability play a role in analgesia, so that the spasm of the muscle fiber relaxation, play the role of antispasmodic.The internal heat is the heat of ultrasound, 79% to 82% of the heat carried away by blood from the active region, 18% to 21% of the heat conduction and spread to adjacent tissues, therefore, the patient has no obvious thermal sensation.
( c) Bio-chemistry Reaction: the ultrasonic can enhance the catalytic ability to accelerate the metabolism of skin cells and tissue pH change to alkaline, to reduce the skin inflammation associated with acidosis and pain.The ultrasound can increase the permeability of cell membranes, and depolymerization, which will help the skin to absorb nutrients, which allow the drugs to penetrate into the germs, and improve the bactericidal capacity of nutrients and drugs.
2. Results
Localskin care and cosmeticsforthe bodycargo
1.Smooth finewrinkles, shrink pores
2.Make the skinmoist.
3. Enhancelymphaticandblood circulation
4.Get rid offacial redness
5.Eliminateslowacne scars
6.Promotecollagen andcell activation
7. Improveskinactivityand toughness
Whole Body orPart Weight Reduction
1.Increase the speedofmetabolism, speed upthe body to excrete wasteand excessive water.
2. Reducestretch marks
3. Relaxmuscles, relieve muscle spasms, relieve musclepain
4. To tighten muscles of thearms, legs, thighs, buttocks, lower back, abdominal muscles, re-shapingbody contour.
5. Effectively improve theorange peel-likeskinofthe buttocksand thighs, while also helps in postpartum or after effect of liposuction in the abdomen area.
3. Cautions
1. Before using the instruments, you shouldclean the skin, andapplythe appropriateskin care products, to ensure thattheinstrumentswork properly.
2. Before using the instruments, remove metaljewelryremovedso as not to weakenthe functionoftheion pulse.
3. People with sensitive skin will experience slightswelling, this is a normal phenomenon, the swelling will soon subside.
4.40KFat Cavitatiion isrecommendedto be use once a weekandmore than twotimes per week.
5.Operationoftheultrasonicor40KFat Cavitation must havewater and othermedia, otherwisethe instrumentwill havea certainloss.
6. 40KFat Cavitationtreatmentforsome customersmay hear ringing in ears; thisphenomenonisanormalphenomenon, becausethisbandhasbeenmorethan humanhearingrange.
7. This machine is40kHzshockwavefat cavitation cannot be useonthe head ( neck) .Not be used fortheglottisand sexual organs.
8.After treatment, theuser needs todrink water to replenish moisture.
4.Not suitable to the following group of people
1.Individual with skinwound, open cuts.
2.Epileptic suffers
3.Patients with heart with heart disease( arrhythmia) , especiallywithapacemaker.
4. Cancer suffers
5.Patients with infectious diseases.
6. Pregnant women
7.Major surgerypatients, diabetics sufferers
8.Metal implants patients.
9. While beginning the operation, ensure the handle is position at 90 degree ( vertical) to the skin; this is to avoid unease feeling by user
10.To beginoperation, firstprobe the head totheskin, and thenswitch on the main power switch.Switch the energy regulationofthemode of operationto a minimum, and then slowlyincrease the intensity.
Model Number: HTS051
Brand Name: HT
Payment Terms: TT bank tra
Certification: CE
Delivery Time: 3--7 working days after the payment
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